“Artisan Flour”

Bakers love Artisan Unbleached Bread Flour, the perfect all-purpose flour for all of your bread recipes, from simple homemade bread to sourdough bread. This premium flour is milled from U.S.-grown wheat and mixed with malted barley flour, which helps yeast breads rise. The high protein content is better than white flour for gluten development, which is especially desirable for chewy baguettes and pizza crusts.

Many  Home Bakers are looking for so called Artisan Flour. Where possible, we should use the flours that are available to us locally. 

Unfortunately I cannot use the local brands due to the bleaching and additives they contain. I first came across this about 15 years ago when I discovered I recieved an allergic reaction to the local flours.

I then moved to Organic Flours and the allergy went away. That is the reason I do not use local flours, not because I was that particular about organic products.

Many of the flours of Europe are not Organic, they are grown using crop rotation and other traditional methods. I have no problem using these flours.

In the first paragraph you will see some marketing information for Bob’s Red Mill Artisan Flour. In the second sentence “…mixed with malted barley flour” There you have it the ‘magic ingredient’ “…which helps yeast bread rise….”

Prima flour have an unbleached flour, but I could not find much else about it or if it is sold in bulk here in Malaysia. At the moment I am using Turkish flour and blend it with Diastic Malt just like Bob Red Mill.

As far as I know we are the only ones at the moment with Diastatic Malt Powder which we sell in small quantities suitable for the home baker. Just mix about 0.5% Diastic Malt with 1Kg of bread flour.

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