Organic Flour

My supplier of Organic Flour, recently asked me if I thought her flour was a a ‘good’ flour. I told her yes. She asked becasue a Baker of 20 or more years experience complained about it. Stating that regular flour was better. I told her that was quite possible. How come? It is quite simple … Read more

Rye Flour Bread

My supplier told me yesterday that one of her customers had complained her Rye Bread had not risen. This is quite a common complaint. Fist let me say that my suppliers Rye flour is excellent and their is nothing wrong with it at all. When making ‘Rye’ bread you must decide what is it that … Read more

What is going on?

Surprisingly in this Covid-19 era we are still busy fulfilling orders from our customers who order on-line via our website. Many I know are disappointed that our Cafe is no longer open. Mardia and I just cannot take on the management of social distancing and all that it entails in the Cafe environment. We also … Read more

Starter Refresh

Quite a few people come by to pick up our ‘starter’ so here I will put down how I maintain it. The ‘starter’ is normally kept in my fridge. The day before I want to use it I feed it with 100% flour and 100% water ( you can adjust the weight in grams to … Read more

“Artisan Flour”

“Bakers love Artisan Unbleached Bread Flour, the perfect all-purpose flour for all of your bread recipes, from simple homemade bread to sourdough bread. This premium flour is milled from U.S.-grown wheat and mixed with malted barley flour, which helps yeast breads rise. The high protein content is better than white flour for gluten development, which … Read more

Malts for the Baker

Malts are one of the ‘tricks of the trade’ for the Artisan Baker. As Artisans, we pride ourselves in not using Chemical enhancers and indeed, to be able to call your self an Artisan you cannot use them. We rely on our experience and skill acquired over the years to produce beautiful and appealing loaves. … Read more

Setting up an Online Shop

Introduction I am in the process of setting up up an online shop from scratch using Woocommerce and WordPress.  Before starting this I have tried a few others. They include WIX, HTML, Ecwid and Gloria Food. I rejected these for the following reasons. Wix, very easy to setup but lacking in options to suit our … Read more