Hopefully I can clarify the situation with Deliveries.

  • Collection
  • Local Delivery
  • PosLaju


Obviously the easiest one. Mardia and I live here at the Bakery. Generally we close on Mondays and Fridays to allow us the freedom to go out for shopping. On other days we open from 09:00 until 17:00 for you to come and collect pre-ordered items or to take pot luck. I often write on Facebook what I baked today, so, if you fancy it come and collect some.

Local Delivery

Local Delivery is intended for the delivery of pre-ordered items in the Local Area. This area is approx 10Km radius from the Whitebrickoven. When you order you can enter you Postcode to check for Delivery.


Is primarily intended for people out of our area for the delivery of scones. PosLaju do not have a guaranteed ‘next day’ service so we will only post on a Monday to allow plenty of time to reach you before the following weekend. If there is a Public Holiday in the week or around Hari Raya we do not send by PosLaju. This is to protect you from receiving spoiled product.

Insha Allah one day there will be a guranteed next day delivery but till now none.

As an alternative if you really cannot make it here you could ask one of the couriers to come here on your behalf.


If you select say Brownie that can be delivered, but if you also select Chicken Pie that cannot so the entire order will change to collect.

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