Malts for the Baker

Malts are one of the ‘tricks of the trade’ for the Artisan Baker.

As Artisans, we pride ourselves in not using Chemical enhancers and indeed, to be able to call your self an Artisan you cannot use them. We rely on our experience and skill acquired over the years to produce beautiful and appealing loaves.

Many flours sold in the West actually have Diastatic Malt added to them by the Miller. Bakers find they have an extra lift to their loaves when they use these flours. This can be important to know. If you use these flours and add in extra Diastatic Malt, you may end up with a ‘gummy’ bread. So read the ingredients if you use imported flours.

In the UK their is a company called Bakerybits and they have been supplying bakers for many years with ingredients and many of the hard to get items, including malts.

After years of using Malts I am now making some of them available to Home-Bakers through my WebShop.

Currently we have Nuttimalt, Malted Wheat Flakes and in a day or two Diastaic Malt. They are sold in 500 gram packs for the Malted Wheat and 250 grams for the Diastatic Malt;


Diastaic Malt 10 – 20 gr per Kg of flour to give improved rise, softer crumb and more crust colour development without the need for adding sugar.

Nuttimalt – use as a topping for a crunch or add about 20% to you flour for a Granary style loaf.

Wheat Flakes – Add around 150 grams to a Kilo of flour or use them to sprinkle on top of the loaves or Bagels.

Enjoy your Baking and take it to new heights…..

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