Organic Flour

My supplier of Organic Flour, recently asked me if I thought her flour was a a ‘good’ flour. I told her yes.

She asked becasue a Baker of 20 or more years experience complained about it. Stating that regular flour was better.

I told her that was quite possible. How come?

It is quite simple really. Regular flours are blended from a variety of flours to produce the desired strength, taste that is consistent batch after batch.

If you can imagine a large bread producer they need to be sure that their product is consistent each and every batch if they employ a standard formula and similar ingredients. Their flour may have various additives added to produce the consistency. With someone like Gardenia who must produce 1000’s a day. Can you imagine if the batch did not turn out right because the flour was different.

Organic Flour on the other hand hopefully comes from a single crop that can be traced back to its origin. It cannot have additives, It is ground as is. Its quality will depend on the planting of the crop, the weather (harsh winter, rainy, dry summer etc). 

Therefore skill is required in using Organic Flours. The baker has to assess the dough in all its stages and take corrective action.

When learning to bake it is often best to use regular flour so that you will learn to feel what you are looking for in your dough. Gradually change to Organic and attempt to get that same dough.

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