Rye Flour Bread

My supplier told me yesterday that one of her customers had complained her Rye Bread had not risen. This is quite a common complaint. Fist let me say that my suppliers Rye flour is excellent and their is nothing wrong with it at all.

When making ‘Rye’ bread you must decide what is it that you really want. Is it a real Rye bread made from 100% Rye or a Wheat bread with 10 – 20 % added Rye. Both are fine but are a cause of the confusion.

Flour Flour contains little Gluten and therefore it will not noticeably rise. When I make our Borodinsky rye bread I just add the starter and the rest of the ingredients, mix it till its hydrated and put it straight into the baking tins to proof and ferment. This dough is nothing more than a slimy paste. It cannot be kneaded. In the tins it will rise very slightly, maybe 1/2 inch and you will see some little holes on the top where the bubbles burst. Then Bake.

Some are confused by Shop bought Rye bread. Most of it only has around 10 – 20 % Rye the rest is Wheat flour, which accounts for its high rise and softness. That bread is just designed to give a slightly different taste rather than exclude gluten.

I am told that Doctors advise some people to eat Rye. Do they mean 100% Rye in order to cut down on Gluten? You should clarify that with your doctor.

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