Setting up an Online Shop


I am in the process of setting up up an online shop from scratch using Woocommerce and WordPress. 

Before starting this I have tried a few others. They include WIX, HTML, Ecwid and Gloria Food.

I rejected these for the following reasons.

  • Wix, very easy to setup but lacking in options to suit our Bakery Business.
  • HTML, my favorite, however I would need to spend a lot of time to develop the necessary routines for the business.
  • Ecwid. At first I thought this was a winner it was easy to setup and had a nice look. However for the Bakery it lacked many features. I had one developed by Ecwid but is was very expensive and not that great.
  • Gloria Food, Let me say at the start its absolutely great for a takeaway food business, easy to setup, very low cost and even free if you only use cash. Not for a Bakery.
  • Not listed above Shopify. I did not spend too much time as I considered it too expensive for us.
What is so special about the Bakery Business.  Well I suppose if you are mass producing items I guess there is no problem as it is likely the bread,buns, rolls and coming off the production line and can can be shipped more or less immediately.

In contrast we really bake bread against order. So if someone orders today we have to start to make it and usually it takes 2 days. So e have to ensure that the customer knows that he cannot get it today, but in 1 – 2 days time. At the point of order we have to inform the customer of that.

What about passing the product to the customer? The default is for the customer to collect. What if they want delivery?

Delivery can be by car withing a local 10km area, beyond that you have PosLaju or Couriers. Non of them offer next day delivery. At least at a price the customer is prepared to pay.

Therefore if the customer is out of our ‘local delivery area’ we have PosLaju however we will only ship on a Monday to allow the whole working week to get to the destination.

Some products cannot be shipped. Cheesecake, Bread, Chicken Pie and so on. Generally we only ship Scones and Brownies and they are quite robust.

All of those ifs and buts can create quite headache in setting up the store.


My Solution

I found that WordPress and Woocommerce are basically free, so no long term monthly commitment.

However to build a useful system that works the way you want it to you have to add ‘plugins’. These are pieces of software that do specific things to enhance the base features.

To-date I have used the following:

….to be continued ……

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