White Brick Oven - Artisan Bakery

White Brick Oven - Artisan Bakery

We are passionate about the purity of our products and will not compromise our standards. We bake with no additives or preservatives and use only Organic or Natural Ingredients.

Located in the village of Kubu Gajah, Sungai Buloh, Selangor (See Google Map) an Artisan Bakery where we produce Real Bread from Organic and Natural ingredients. Most of our bread is fermented and raised with natural levain.

quote..We are open only on Sundays from 09:00 - 18:00.... .... unquote

To bake our bread takes around two days. On the first day we mix our levain with our fresh flour. The flour we use depends on the bread we are intending to make. Our flour comes from Organic Grains sourced locally, but grown in Australia, Turkey and the US.

We start our day by milling the grains into flour that will be used in the bread. The stone mill especially imported from Austria, grinds the grain and does not overheat it thus preserving the grains nutrients.

As the sun starts to rise we start mixing the dough in our natural wood dough-trough from the fresh flour and the previous night's levain. Throughout the morning the dough is carefully and gently folded and stretched to develop the gluten structure.

By noon the dough is cut, shaped and rested before being finally shaped and placed into cane or natural wood pulp moulds.

Finally the dough is ready and oven is heated. The bread is loaded into the Oven and 30 minutes later the bread is baked.

See the bread rising in the oven in this advert made for Emirates Airlines here. Select the second from the left advert with chopsticks. Guess which part was shot here.

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