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My wife and I came to Kubu Gajah about 20 years ago and settled here. We started baking in a small way almost immediately to satisfy our own need for bread. After a brief period in a shop in Sungai Buloh, we returned to our home in Kubu Gajah and expanded it to include a large barn. Initially we baked in there.

Over time we divided up the barn into a living area and various sections for the bakery until it appears as it is today.

We concentrated mainly on supplying Organic Bread to Justlife shops. We still do. Many of the Justlife customers wanted to see where their bread was coming from and therefore we opened on a Sunday to provide a time they could visit and try our other products like Scones and Cakes..

As time went by we increased the opening hours to nearly everyday and ventured into selling meals and snacks.

With advent of COVID-19 we had to close the cafe and deter visitors. Now with the restrictions easing  and both of us aging we decided to take this opportunity to return to our roots as Bakers and not re-open the cafe. It was a sad decision as we have met and made friends with hundreds of wonderful people from around the world.

To summarize then. We are Bakers of  Bread and Pastries from Organic Flours, some of which we mill ourselves in our stone mill. These products including the flour are advertised on our Store.

These items can be collected or delivered as per the conditions of the store.

"I heard this place long time ago but today only able to visit it with my sons. They like the food so much especially the pizza. We also brought back the famous sourdough breads, scones and croissants. Will come back again. High recommended!"
A Customer
Hard Working Mum
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